Frequently Asked Questions

Free Marketing By Video

What is TargeTube?

TargeTube: Is an app to market your business by Video for free in ( 2 minutes) filming or upload file.
And up to (15 minutes) links from YouTube or Vimeo ( Copy and Paste).
The copyright is registered as a patent in the United States under No: US/61/996/632, TargeTube is LLC under No: 117199348

What is the TargeTube's goal?

The goal is to market your business by Video in 2 min for free:

1- Creations: Authors, Innovators, New Ideas, Researchers,Talents,YouTubers, and Others.

2- Community: Complaints, Groups, Invitations, Missing Persons, Social Media, Volunteers and Others.

3- For sale: Business, Cars, Computers, Electric Machines, Real Estate, Used Goods and Others.

4- Jobs: Consultants, Freelancers, Government, Professionals, Private Sector, Trainers and Others.

5- Investments: Agriculture, Energy, Health Care, Industries, Technology, Tourism and Others.

6- Services: Brokers, Credit Companies, Crafts, Insurance, Marketing, Shipping, and Others.

How to register?


1- Open our web on your phone, click App store for iPhone or Google play for Android, then download it.

2- Register by Facebook button or fill out the form, click a small box, then click register.

3- Paste the code which we sent you as a text message in the right place, click the link on your email to activate.

4-Login in to start.


1- Select your country flag on the top left of the web (FIRST)

2- Register by Facebook or fill out the form.

3- Login in to start.

How to film and publish Video?


1- Click record button, then ( click to select ) on red circle in the middle of the page.

2- Give permission to the app to use the camera and audio.

3- First option: (capture with camera) to film ( 2 min )

4- Second option: (select from file) to upload Video ( 2 min).

5- Third option: ( Enter YouTube / Vimeo URL ) to paste link ( 15 min ).

6- Fill out the form, write title in your language, City in ENGLISH, select category and subcategory.

7- Click post free Video, it will be published after review.


1- Click the yellow button on the top right side of the home page.

2- Fill in the title in your language, the city in ENGLISH, select category and subcategory.

3- Click next and drag (2 min) Video file or click browse to choose video file to download it.

4- Or paste a link from YouTube / Vimeo ( 15 min ) in its place.

5- Click post free Video.

Who is responsible for the Videos?

The publishers are responsible for their Videos and viewers have a right to block or report any video.

How to delete any of your Videos?

You can delete your videos at any time by accessing your account.

What is the cost of TargeTube ads?

All Videos are for free.

For unlimited Social Media Marketing, the cost is: $12 a year.

App: targetube